El Caletón de Garachico

On the island of Tenerife, on the north coast, there is a dream corner known as El Caletón de Garachico. This natural treasure captivates those who discover it, offering a unique combination of crystal-clear waters, volcanic rock formations and a rich history that distinguishes it as a special place.


The history of El Caletón is intertwined with that of the historic town of Garachico, to which it belongs. In the 17th century, lava from the volcano reached the sea, destroying part of the port of Garachico but leaving behind these natural pools. This historic event gives El Caleton a unique character and a special connection with local culture. Formed after the volcanic eruption that transformed the coast of Garachico. The waters of the Atlantic shaped the volcanic rocks, creating natural pools of singular beauty. Today, these pools have become a gem for visitors, providing a quiet space to enjoy the sea in a unique environment.

The highlight of El Caleton is the purity of its turquoise waters. The natural pools, fed by the ocean, offer a perfect refuge for those looking for a different swim. The transparency of the water allows visitors to admire the varied marine life that inhabits the area, creating a natural immersive experience.

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In addition to enjoying the refreshing waters, visitors can explore the surroundings of El Caletón and enjoy the local cuisine, visit the historic town of Garachico and its stately mansions.

In short, El Caletón de Garachico is a gift from nature that combines the serenity of the sea with the history of the island. This little paradise in Tenerife is a reminder of the diverse beauty that the Canary Island has to offer, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the authenticity of their surroundings and appreciate the harmony between nature and history.

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